Syntonic Phototherapy in Hamilton

August 27th 2020

Syntonic Phototherapy in Hamilton

Perception Eyecare Vision therapy Centre in Hamilton is one of the few places that provides syntonics to our patients!

What is Syntonics?

Syntonics has been used over 80+ years by optometrists. It is a great non-invasive treatment with great success rates. It can be used in the treatment for accommodation, amblyopia, strabismus, traumatic brain injury and vision related learning disorders

Syntonics is usually an integral part of a vision therapy practice which is why Perception Eyecare Vision Therapy Centre in Hamilton offers syntonics to our patients.

How does it work?

Syntonics consist of the patient wearing coloured filtered glasses for about 10-20 minutes over several sessions. Applying light to certain areas of the brain can help stimulate the brain and restore the body’s nervous system. Different colours stimulate the brain in different ways.

To determine if syntonics may be helpful for you, schedule a functional vision examination with our developmental optometrist Dr. Jasjeet Shinger today! We provide vision therapy to patients from Stoney creek, Binbrook, Ancaster, Burlington, Hamilton, Grimsby, Caledonia and throughout Ontario.

Call us at 289 309-1090 or email us at to book your appointment with one of our amazing Stoney creek eye doctors today!

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Syntonic Phototherapy in Hamilton

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