Oakley Eyewear Available in Stoney Creek

December 3th 2020

Oakley Eyewear Available in Stoney Creek

Perception Eyecare in Stoney Creek carries a wide variety of Oakely eyewear and sunglasses. Come check out the new collection today! Oakley is also the official partner of the NFL this season.

What is PRIZM?

Prizm is lens technology from Oakley that helps with performance by enhancing certain wavelengths to increase contrast and help amplify what you see. This means the lenses are fine tuned to provide optimized clarity for specific environments required for certain sports and activities.

Are Prizm Lenses Polarized?

Some prizm lenses also come polarized which help with glare which is very helpful for water activities. But not all prizm glasses are polarized because polarization reduces the contrast and clarity of the prizm glasses.

What Are Prizm Lenses Made Of?

Prizm lenses are made from Plutonite, Oakley’s proprietary lens material that is very impact resistant.

What Sports Are Prizm Lenses Made For?

  • Prizm Road - Great for cyclists and runners because they are engineered to help you see changes in the road texture that help spot hazards in the road such as potholes. Traffic lights also become more vibrant which allow for a enhanced riding experience
  • Prizm Trail - Great for mountain biking, hiking and trail running because they are engineered to help you spot and react faster to different dirt textures and enhance foliage and plants in different lighting conditions.
  • Prizm Shallow Water Polarized - Great for fishing since they help spot fish in shallow waters such as lakes and rivers. The polarization helps reduce the glare in freshwater environments.
  • Prizm Deep Water Polarized - Great for fishing and long days by the water since they help you see under the surface in deep water conditions by helping boost the colours the water absorbs.
  • Prizm Golf - Increases contrast to help identify transitions in the grassy conditions on a golf course and they help increase depth perception to help gauge the distance of the golf ball against grass and blue skies.

These are just a few examples of some of the many sports Oakley Sunglasses are designed for. Oakley is known for their cutting-edge and performance driven eyewear. To get more information contact our Stoney Creek and Binbrook eyewear specialists by calling us at 289-309-1090 or visiting us at Perception Eyecare today.

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