MiyoSmart Lenses for Myopia Control in Stoney Creek

December 10th 2020

MiyoSmart Lenses for Myopia Control in Stoney Creek

MiyoSmart is a new spectacle lens made by Hoya. It uses its award winning D.I.M.S (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology to help reduce myopia progression.

Based on two year clinical trials Miyosmart can curb myopia progression in children by an average of 60%!

They are an effective non invasive solution to help treat myopia. The lenses are impact resistant, lightweight with a durable anti-reflective coating and offer great optical clarity. Speak to our Stoney Creek and Binbrook optometrists today to get more information.

Please call us at 289-309-1090 or email us at info@perceptioneyecare.ca today at Perception Eyecare to find out how the MiyoSmart lens could help control your child's nearsightedness.

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