Choosing sunglasses

June 30th 2020

Choosing Sunglasses: Does UV Protection Matter?

Dr. Shinger loves wearing sunglasses all year round so we asked her a few questions:

  1. Is UV protection really that important?
    Yes ultraviolet eye protection totally matters! Some of the serious long term effects of UV exposure include cataracts, macular degeneration and abnormal growth on your eyes or eyelids

  2. At what age should you start wearing sunglasses?
    UV protection is important from birth. We know it can be harder to get younger children to wear eyewear so we have some great sunglasses options for babies and toddlers at Perception Eyecare. We also have a great breakable/lost guarantee for our Babiator sunglasses. Ask any of our wonderful eyewear consultants for more information.

  3. Is brown tint or gray tint better?
    Gray tint is great to minimize glare, especially off the water. Brown tint enhances contrast the best. There are many other tints depending on your needs such as yellow, green, and rose tint. Contact one of our Hamilton optometrists today to get more information.

  4. What type of sunglasses are in style this summer?
    Both small and oversized sunglasses are still in style. Tiny cat eye sunglasses look super fashionable but may not give as much coverage against UV such as the oversized glasses. Sunglasses with a flat top give a very sleek and sophisticated look. We recommend frames with a good wrap to protect your eyes from UV from every angle.

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Choosing sunglasses

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