Tips to Protect Your Eyes During the Winter

Febuary 5th 2020

Tips to Protect Your Eyes During the Winter

One of the most common complaints we see at our office in the winter is dry eye. If you notice eye irritation, itchiness, burning, eye redness, watery eyes, or the feeling of something in your eye then you may have dry eye.

Tips to relieve dry eye in the winter:

  1. Drink a lot of water! When you hydrate your body, your eyes get hydrated too!
  2. Air in the winter tends to be more dry. Use a humidifier to increase the moisture in the air around you.
  3. If you are using heated air vents in the car, try to point the vents away from the face so the air isn't hitting the eyes directly and making your eyes more dry.
  4. Keep your eyes moist with artificial tears. Speak to one of our eye doctors to get our top recommendations

Winter weather can also affect your eyes in other ways. More tips below!

  • Snow tends to reflect a lot of light from the sun so make sure you are wearing proper sunglasses to help with the harsh sun glare. Polarized sunglasses can help reduce more glare than regular sunglasses. Come in and take a look at our amazing winter selection of the best sunglasses today.
  • The winter also brings on bitter harsh winds that can cause the eyes to become runny. Make sure you are wearing goggles or large glasses with a good wrap to cut down on the harsh winds around the eyes. Our eyewear consultants can you answer any questions you may have.

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If you’re bothered by your eyes this winter, schedule a comprehensive eye exam with our one of our established optometrists today. We’ll evaluate the cause of your condition and recommend the best dry eye treatment to bring you relief.

If you have any questions or need assistance creating an account, contact our office at 289 309-1090 or and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be able to assist you.

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